Saturday, December 5, 2015

Our Menu

     Southern Plenty Cafe Menu
206 Main Street ,South Boston 434 575-7675
 sandwiches are priced individually or as a bagged lunch which includes a side and a cookie

 The Bale Jumper-Homemade chicken or egg/bacon                         6.75                                  8.50
    salad served with lettuce on multi grain bread.

English Blend - Seasoned to perfection pimento cheese                6.25                                               with lettuce and served on a butter croissant.

3.The twin River - rare roast beef and cheddar with               6.75                                             8.50
   horseradish dukes mayo lettuce and tomato on country
   white bread.

4.The Main Street- Our special fajita chicken caesar with         675                                          8.50
   romaine lettuce on a pretzel roll.

5.The Burley Q- seasoned pulled pork bbq smothered in our       6.75                                      8.50
   purple cabbage black pepper coleslaw on a pretzel roll.

6.The Belly Tag- Our homemade meatloaf of the day              7.50                                          8.95
   smothered in mayo, onion relish, sweet mustard, thick
   tomato slice on wheat.

7.Down Town Po Boy- Boiled shrimp, applewood bacon,                 7.50                              8.95
   tomato, romaine lettuce and our secret chipolte sauce on
   a butter croissant.

8.The Low Lander- Sliced ham and brie with chutney,                         7.25                             8.75
    onion jam on country white bread.

9.The Kitchen Sink- Grilled  assorted vegetables of the                         6.75                            8.50
  day, tomato slice feta and onion jam on a croissant

Turkey wrap- turkey breast with cranberry orange dressing, swiss,       6.75                              8.50
mayo and mixed greens

Corned beef with swiss and thousand island or mustard on a              6.75                              8.50
italian roll

. Angus Burgers:
+ Big Boy-  mushrooms, onions, swiss,sour cream
+Cow boy-cheddar, green chili and chipolte sauce 
+Mamas boy- cheddar mayo lettuce tomato
+Sobo boy- chili, pimento cheese
+Blue boy- blue cheese , bacon 

+Veggie boy- southwest flavor, sour cream, cheddar, red onion
All with lettuce, tomato and a side                  $8.50

            Want it heated, grilled or in a wrap? Just ask!

open Mon. - Saturday 8-4

Sides -
Check out the case for our daily selections 2.00 each
Chips- 1.50

House Special   Sobo chili and muffin $6.25 cup 4.50

Salads- served with a sweet cornbread muffin

Bright Leaf- baby mixed greens, candied spiced walnuts, dried cranberries, purple onion, blue cheese and raspberry vinegrette.7.25

Golden Leaf- baby mixed greens, tomato, kalamata olive, egg slices, bacon, blue cheese. 7.25

Southwest salad- baby mixed greens, pulled pork bbq, black beans, green chili, egg, tomato- 8.75
   (Add chicken, ham or egg salad or fajita chicken to any salad for 3.00)


southern plenty cafe also offers whole cakes and pies, quiches, fajitas, tarts, side dishes, special casseroles, fine wines, speciality groceries and fine cheeses. Pick up catering is also available as well as delivery on large special luncheon orders. call 434 575-7675 for more details
We are located at 206 Main Street old town South Boston, Va.

Check out our new breakfast menu! Find us on Facebook for a posting of our daily specials!

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