Sunday, June 26, 2011

The farmers market and our weekly specials

As summer is upon us, so is the official season of the local South Boston and Halifax farmers markets! Yeah! Two years ago I spent the market season selling my canned and baked good. I loved getting to know the local produce farmers and learned a lot about growing things in my own garden.
 I create our daily specials to follow whats being picked locally and try to deal with as many organic farmers as possible.  Since we make our food fresh daily ..... when an item is sold out.... thats it. We cant just run to the freezer and open a commercially prepared, always the same product. When opening our front door you dont need to ask whats cookin'. You can smell it. Its truly a labor of love.  Robert tastes every new thing Im working on and often helps me fine tune the flavor combinations. He also helps eat the leftovers on our days off! Check out our weekly specials on our facebook page. If you "like" us on facebook, you will get our specials posted on your facebook wall!

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  1. I enjoyed my Thursday night carry-out dinner--Cobb Salad and Lemon Tart. Delicious!