Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Studio

For many months we have been working on what will be a new shop for us in Southern Virginia. Some of the items to sell I have been making in my studio. As it fills with wonderful colors and textures, it makes me happy just to be in it surrounded by all the creations.  My sister in law Hallie gave us the rack I have all my aprons on. I never thought I was well organized but the rack has helped a lot. Thanks Hallie!
  I've been making collage type cards in the two racks on the table. Another find from Hallie! My old trusty Featherweight vintage singer has done well for me over the years. And a bit of the fabric haul to the right and remnants of the old bead shop (excuse my boring writing and type that seems to change mid stream. Blog posting is new to me!)
I have tried to do an around the room view of the studio. Hopefully you get the idea. 

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