Monday, September 13, 2010

map of the south

This is a map.
Its not the kind of map that takes you to any destination.  Its a map of  a family tree and it is the maps treasure.  The red is vibrant, the browns are a rich chocolate.  Its made up of family members shirts, dresses and probably old printed flour sacks. The squares are about 1/2 inch small.  This is just a section of a twin sized quilt. It's patterns seem  to dance on the wall in our living room. Each zig zag edged square is an amazing design in itself.  Unfortunately some of the fabrics are deteriorating but in a way its kind of interesting to see what the internal workings are. The construction of the seams are  all hand stitched with care and its lined with cotton. The fabrics are from everyday clothing. Nothing fancy. I'm guessing the person who made this didn't have much in the way of material goods. The energy and thoughtfulness tells of love , care, consideration and beauty. The makers name? Its on the tip of your tongue.

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