Friday, September 10, 2010

love, southern style

  One of my all time favorite things to do is read cookbooks. My favorites are Southern cookbooks and if they come with short stories woven in..... even better.  In the South, love is often a practical thing and showing love is definitely in the form of preparing and presenting food. Food is everyones familiar. Food is what you bring when there is a birth or a death in a family and words just won't do justice. I've learned to love the foods discovered and shared while living here and I am always trying to figure out how they  came about or what migrant group might have settled here and created such wonderful things. I remember the first time I tried a fried pie. Its like a turnover, but fried, not baked.  They are wonderful. Apple or sweet potato  are my personal favorites.  I started asking questions of various people and what there take was on a fried pie. My favorite memory was when I told someone I was experimenting with recipes and her eyes lit up. In that instant, I saw her childlike delight. She said "Do you seal the edge using a fork?" And I knew right then that someone from her childhood showed her their love when they would make her fried pies. I figure they were sealed by pressing a fork around the edge, very carefully,  so that the love wouldn't ooze  out.

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  1. We've really got to get together sometime! You and Judith are certainly on the same wavelength! Here is part of her cookbook collection: