Friday, September 3, 2010

bears, bunnies and cats

Here are some great little friends I have been working on. Their faces are made from discarded woolen sweaters and the bodies are made from scraps of a upholstery manufacture. I gave one to a friend in the hospital. She is a tiny, elderly lady. She called it her little hug because it fit closely under her chin and gave her comfort. She is all better and her bear sits on her day couch, happy as can be for the occasional hug. They each have a different expression. If I sew one ear in a bit shorter than the other they look inquisitive.  If their eyes are sewn a bit to close, they look concerned. They make me laugh. I make 3-5 at one time and when finished, I have them peek around the corner and talk to my husband, Robert. Their arms are sewn in after stuffing, so they become animated with just a hint of movement. I haven't named any because you know.... once you name them they are yours forever!

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