Sunday, January 30, 2011

first impressions of the place I call home

Moving to a rural southern town, I was taken back by many new images and colors. I wanted to create a visual diary of my early impressions. This is still one of my favorite pieces that was created 10 years ago. The images have to do with family, seasons, planting, harvesting, land and sky and the energy between.  

Saturday, January 29, 2011

the beat goes on...... and on

After many set backs we actually seem to be making progress on the shop. Here is a quick peek of the food service area! This is the back room where I will have pre made sandwiches, coffee, my baked goods, sodas in the "coke" colored fridge and gourmet items for sale. The knob on the left is the staircase to upstairs. Im standing in front of the back side door.

A shot a bit to the right. The door leads into the 2 butt kitchen!

And a bit more to the right. The doorway leads to the front main room and the table seating.

Looking behind the counter. Im thinking this is the one and final layout as I can't move another heavy piece of furniture. ( Im finally posting these photos as Ive taken the day off with a stiff neck from o' haulin'. ) I seem to remember after our move from California to Virginia....... I told Robert we werent going to buy anything else unless he could lift it up, over his head by himself.  I should have listened. Really, this is going to be our best adventure yet. 

A view of the old timey yellow lino and one of 4 red metal tables. (The others will be for outdoor seating at the front of the shop.) Arent they cool?

Here is one end of the kitchen and the 3 convection ovens purchased from the Cold Stone ice cream shops in Richmond.   Our youngest, Audrey, was working there at the time and somehow knew her mom just needed these! Thanks Auds! Who would have thought back then we would be opening another business that included food! Certainly not I!